Islamitisch onderwijs wekt in een moslim de fundamenten van de islam. Islam is een manier van leven voor ons moslims, niet alleen een geloof. Om een ​​moslim te laten opgroeien en zijn leven op de islamitische manier te leven moet hij/zij de islam van jongs af aan leren en beoefenen.

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I did my master and ProfD Naturopathy at MBS, I am currently in Ghana working on the project and am happy to be able to apply most of what you taught us. Great to have you as lecturer.

Now, it’s possible for everyone to accomplish his or her goals with MBS

I did my Ph.D. Entrepreneurship at MBS where professors link theory and practice by illustrating their courses with examples from their own professional experience.

I did my Ph.D. Social Corporate Responsibility at MBS, an institution teaches students to develop complete educational and intellectual developments. Attentions from lecturers are unambiguous, instructive and tuition methods are commendable.

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